Compliance Standards’ “CScore Assessment” stands for “Secured and Compliant Recycling Assessment.” CScore is a rating system designed to grade an organization’s IT asset disposition capabilities and skill sets.  It has three version as described below:

The assessment is designed to score and grade companies that are offering IT asset disposition services. The service extended to CScoreX, with X signifying its extended assessment focus. CScoreX is a fee-based service, with its outcome resulting in an indepth assessment of a company’s ITAD offerings in relations to end-users’ business needs and compliance requirements. Click below to learn more about CScoreX certification.

This is a light version of CScore, which is used for two purposes: It is used by our end-user clients to survey ITAD service providers without having to score or grade them, and by ITAD vendors who do not want to be scored but want to be short-listed to be viewed by potential clients. This is a tool used for due diligence aimed at short-listing ITAD companies so they would participate in an upcoming RFP or competitive bid. The data is made available to the end-user client, who uses the survey as a benchmark and selection criteria. It is free, with more details available through the link below.

The tool has also been adjusted to meet the assessment needs of end-user companies. CScore.ENDUSER is used by IT and Procurement Departments and other relevant stakeholders at end-user companies to assess if their IT equipment recycling practices are on par with industry standards. CScore.ENDUSER is free, with more detail available by clicking the link below.

Although we have been using these tools for some time, we are making them official as CS products in 4Q2018. The tools were designed and developed by Compliance Standards LLC.