A Compliance Standards Primary Research Project

2023 Year in Review and 2024 Consensus Outlook

This is the last survey of the year 2023, with the purpose of summarizing the sector performance in 2023 and what the industry anticipates to take place in 2024. If you are involved in the ITAD sector, please consider taking this final survey, your responses will remain confidential.

About the Survey and our Pledge

Compliance Standards LLC is pleased to announce a  research initiative aimed at assessing the ITAD sector and adjacent market segments. As a top leader and participant in those markets, we would like to invite you to take part in this survey.

To participants, we pledge the following:

1- All your responses will remain entirely confidential. Analysts will access data in their aggregate format so as to review the sector as a whole. Analysts are not allowed to share company-specific information from participating respondents.

2- Compliance Standards and E-Scrap News pledge to brief you on the results after the survey is completed.
Compliance Standards will use the data to form analyst opinion on the state of the market and report back to you in the form of analyses and opinion pieces.

If you agree with the above statements, please click on CONTINUE below to start this quarter’s survey: